Investor`s club and crypto fund FEHU

Your managing partner for cryptocurrency investments
We trust you. Trading on your account.
Profitability 30 - 100% per annually depending on the chosen strategy.

About us

We are a team of traders and developers, united in a club of investors, and created an effective system of exchange trading and risk management. It is important that our crypto trading strategy is based on a flexible mathematical model.

Our FEHU cryptocurrency fund provides cryptocurrency trading and partner trading account management services on the cryptocurrency exchange.

The goals of crypto trading and account management are to increase the partner’s profit in the underlying asset of Bitcoin. We use our own risk management systems, as well as financial security systems.

The partner’s deposit is under your control. FEHU crypto fund cannot withdraw funds from your account. When creating the API keys, you put a ban on the withdrawal of your funds.

Our advantages:

Risk control system for each transaction

Duplicating security system

Highly intelligent trading algorithms

Own development and technical support service

Partner Benefits


Full deposit control


API Management


Payment for results only


No monthly fee

Become a partner right now!

Service conditions

  • Invest today and get a stable income.
  • Investor Profit — 50%
  • Profit of the managing partner — 50%
  • Minimum deposit — 0.1 BTC

Today we offer two trading account management systems:

How to connect


deposit funds on your exchange account


Create API Key


Forward the API key to us

Invest in cryptocurrencies today and get a stable income.

Minimum entry threshold — 0.1 BTC
Individual conditions for major partners.